Moving around in Mauritius

I know that many vacationers choose the taxi option to get around. This surprises me every time because contrary to what we think, taking the taxi is not so cheap (at least for now). To discover the island, you can opt for other solutions.

To facilitate your choice for your trips, here are the different options available to you.

Take a cab

As I mentioned before, the taxi is the most obvious option for many vacationers. It must be said that it is found everywhere in the tourist areas, so it is very convenient. Nevertheless, if you plan to move every day, it will be a big budget.

Personally, I take a taxi when I arrive at the airport to go to my vacation spot. You will see that at the exit of the airport there are a lot of taxis and all want to take you. If you have not reserved a taxi in advance, I advise you to ask immediately the amount of the race to avoid surprises. To give you an idea, a race from the airport to the north of the island (Trou aux Biches for example), it takes 30 € no more and no less (1200 rupees). Whenever I go to Mauritius, I take care to book a taxi before my arrival which prevents me from negotiating and wasting time.

Then for the duration of your stay, if you take the taxi, the only advice I can give you is to ask for the price of the race before getting in the car. Prices vary from single to double so beware of scams (they exist). Do not hesitate to negotiate and give your price, that’s how it happens in Mauritius.

For day trips, taking a taxi is a good idea, especially if you do not know the island at all and do not know where to go. There are a lot of taxi drivers who offer to guide you and you will certainly have interesting information as a bonus. On my last trip, I called a taxi driver to take us to Ile aux Cerfs (from Trou aux Biches). He came to pick us up, recommended a stop for us to buy food before joining the Ile au Cerf. In the evening, he was waiting for us at the exit of the boat and offered us several stops on the road.

Advantages :

  • Practical means of transport, we simply let ourselves be guided
  • The taxi driver can offer you tours, stopping point, and turn into a real guide.
  • Mode of transport suitable for day trips.


  • Expensive for small races.
  • Fare varies from one taxi to another
  • Rate to negotiate at each exit.
  • Less independence.

Rent a car

For complete freedom and if you plan to travel around the island, car rental is certainly the best solution. It takes 30 € per day for a small city which is often enough. The only minor difficulty is at the driving level because in Mauritius, you drive on the left. You have to take the hand but after a few miles, you should get away without a problem.

In terms of signage, it is much less important than in France so I advise you to rent the car with a GPS or use yours (on your phone). I will explain shortly how to guide you from your phone without an internet connection if you are interested.

Advantages :

  • Economical if you want to mop around the island.
  • Total freedom


  • Driving on the left requires a little adjustment.
  • There is a lot of traffic on the roads (between cars, scooters and buses), vigilance is de rigueur to avoid accidents.

Rent a scooter

For my last two trips, we rented a scooter for the duration of our stay. This is the ideal means of transportation for us: economical and practical. I am aware that it is not suitable for all holidaymakers. If you are traveling with your family, it may be complicated.

If you go to two is in any case a good option. We connect the airport by taxi and then ask the delivery of the scooter on our place of stay. The scooter gives us a feeling of immense freedom. A good means of transport to enjoy the visual and olfactory environment. It takes between 10 and 20 € per day.

Driving on the left is more destabilizing than driving but it is done quickly. However, if you are not very comfortable driving, this means of travel may not be the most suitable. Driving in Mauritius is not easy because traffic is dense, buses are numerous.

Advantages :

  • Total freedom.
  • Convenient for both small and long distances
  • Convenient to avoid traffic jams at the entrance of Port Louis for example.


  • Unsuitable for family trips
  • Getting started with a drive on the left.
  • More exposed to accidents. Traffic is dense throughout the island, the risk of an accident is not zero.

Take the bus

The bus network in Mauritius is important and allows to connect all points of the island. This is the most economical solution but it will require the patient to reach your destination. The stops are numerous which lengthens the journey times.

In terms of schedules and stops, nothing is very clear but just ask around and we will guide you without any worries. On the bus, a controller will pass for you to set your route. Do not hesitate to ask him where to stop so that he will let you know when you reach your destination.

If you do not choose this mode of transport for your daily outings, I recommend that you take the bus at least once. It is an experience in itself: driving drivers, be closer to the daily Mauritians. It will be a good memory for sure!

Advantages :

  • Very economical
  • As close as possible to the daily life of Mauritians.


  • A journey often long.

With these different solutions, you should be able to choose the most suitable means of transport for your situation. If you need a full-fledged serviced holiday, be sure to check out Smartvillas.

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