Australia’s Top Beaches For Families To Surf

Australia is famous for its golden sands and vibrant beach scenes. The Bronzed Aussies, the zinc noses, the Speedies platforms, the skins, and the red and yellow flags that embrace the breeze are classic snapshots of the country’s beach culture. From the iconic and cosmopolitan Bondi to Palm Beach, a fantastic exploration and sunbathing trip await you, where beach experts will find the perfect bloated beachfront.

And as it turns out, water sports abound in this country. Surfing, swimming, kayaking, and fishing are popular hobbies for most residents. However, if relaxing is your priority during the day, then Australia has many beautiful places where sun-seekers can put on a towel, enjoy a few rays of sunshine, or fill themselves up with some freshly cooked fish ‘n’ chips. If all that sound interesting to you, let’s find out what are Australia’s top beaches to visit on your next trip:

Best Beaches To Surf

Sydney is known worldwide as a hotspot for surfing. Avid boardriders can choose from more than 70 beaches with fantastic breaks for all abilities. Beginners will find excellent surf schools, especially in Bondi, Maroubra, Collaroy, and Manly, which take a 30-minute ferry ride from the city center. Mild breaks are often found south of the city in Bronte, while Cronulla combines four famous beaches and is a popular surfing area with a multicultural café. North of the city, Long Reef is ideal for beginners with the right conditions, while Palm Beach, the northernmost part of Sydney’s sand and sea, is a great place to teach kids the art of surfing.

Newport Beach, in northern Sydney, faces east for advanced surfers and catches the bloating from any direction. About 250 meters from the sea, a rock formation called “The Peak” creates two breaks making it a hotspot for experienced surfers. Dee Why offers a pleasant respite for the good days, and North Narrabeen is the local favorite. Intermediaries and advanced users looking for an escape from the crowds should consider Garie Beach in Royal National Park. Also Read – Where To Stay In Paris? Best Places to Know

Best Beaches For Families

A 50-minute drive from Sydney city center, a palm-fringed beach on a peninsula between Pittwater and Broken Bay is a fun place to celebrate with family. A south side is a perfect place for a picnic. Children can dive in the calm water, swim in the 35-meter pool, and build sand along the shore. On the north side, the waves are ideal for surfing. Cafes and restaurants abound, and guests can enjoy their lunch on a hike in the beautiful Brenzoi Bend Lighthouse.

Manly is also a top spot for families. Toddlers can swim in the clear ocean pool, visit the Manly Sealife Sanctuary full of fascinating sea creatures, peel some ice cream and celebrate with fresh fish and chips. Shopping, cafés, and restaurants are located near Corso. A short walk from Corso, Shelly Beach is a quiet spot for you to try some beach camping.

For calm waters and protected coves, try one of the harbor beaches such as Nielsen Park in the eastern suburbs or Balmoral Beach on the north side of town, where children can swim in the clean pools and families can enjoy a nearby picnic park. Coogee Beach is usually a quiet place to swim with the kids on the south side of the city, thanks to the wedding island, which protects it from the biggest swellings of people.

Best Beaches In Near Cities Of Australia

Bondi, hands down, is one of the favorites for the best beach near the city of Sydney. About 15 minutes by car or bus from the central business district, it is a great place to leave behind the buzz of traffic for the soothing feeling of surfing. Bondi comes from a word that means “noise from the water breaking on rocks”. From here, guests can breathe a sigh of relief at the beautiful scenery along the Bondi at Coogee Coastal Walk, which spins along sandstone cliffs over popular cafes, waterfalls, beaches, and coves.

On the other hand, we have the beach of Airlie, where we can find a picturesque seaside town adorned along its entire length with tall palm trees and beautifully designed seaside parks. An area that lives and breathes on the water and its opportunities, from water sports to water trade. Discover the wider area with your car and locate the beaches of the area, with the clearest waters of the island. Also, by car, you will have the opportunity to discover dozens of other beauties of Queensland, so it is essential to have a vehicle for your travels that will allow you to do so. So looking for car hire services in the area of ​​Airlie Beach, you will find the reliable company Enjoy Travel, which will offer you fantastic car offers and full insurance for all your travels.

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