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Arranmore Island: Árainn Mhór (English name: Arranmore) is a peninsula off the west coast of County Donegal in Ulster, Ireland organizers is the enormous occupied island of County Donegal, with a population of 469 in 2016, down from 514 in 2011, 528 in 2006, 543 in 2002, and over 600 in 1996. The peninsula is part of the Donegal Gaeltacht, with most of the dwellers communicating Ulster Irish.

It is also experienced in English as Arran Island (not to be disconcerted with the Aran Islands off Galway Bay or the Scottish Isle of Arran). In Irish the island was traditionally called Árainn; the adjective mór (large) was added fairly freshly. It was also sometimes called in Irish Árainn Uí Dhomhnaill, meaning the ‘Aran of the O’Donnells’.


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Arranmore Island or Árainn Mhór is established off the coast of Constituency Donegal on the outstanding Wild Atlantic Way touring route where land meets the sea. Wild and untamed, the island has a rich and vibrant tradition and culture and has been occupied since prehistoric times. The Gaelic practices are still thriving on Arranmore Island and if you are considering for a real taste of island life, then this is unquestionably not to be missed on your Donegal adventure.

The peninsula is a captivating beautiful place were way impressed trails lead you from sandy waterfronts to rocky cliffs. Views from Arranmore Island are breathtaking, gaze out over the Atlantic ocean past cliffs, and rock arches to the ceremonious mainland mountains widening from Glen Head to Tory Island.  Steeped in insular history, Arranmore Island is still home to the promontory fort at Uilinn, which dates from about 800BC, still sets on its clifftop perch.

The clear waters of the enveloping ocean of Arranmore Island provide the perfect aquatic leisure destination for those who love to get outdoors and try enterprises such as diving, sea angling, sailing, kayaking, and many more wet and wild experiences. Freshwater lakes on the peninsula are an anglers paradise offering brown and variegation trout catches. There are a wide variety of species to be caught when sea angling and local charter assistance will guide you to the best neighborhoods to cast a line.

Arranmore Island is also home to a wide variety of marine and birdlife. Birdwatchers can often be found monitoring the many fulmars and shags along the precipitous cliffs. Arranmore Island is a great place to get dynamic with many coastal and inland walks. Electric bikes can now be hired on the island, what better way to associate with nature than to pack a barbecue, hop on your bicycle and explore the island’s many hidden gems.

Arranmore Island is also famous for its traditional music and lively pubs with open turf fires and the best pints of Guinness to set you up for an evening of fun and laughter. Experience one of the island’s festivals and events. Swell Fest takes place annually with weekend and day tickets available. Several music venues host some excellent bands with musical talent from all over Ireland and international acts coming together to celebrate this fantastic island event.

Arranmore Island Jobs

Arranmore Island Jobs
Arranmore Island Jobs

The beautiful Arranmore Island is located 5km off the coast of Donegal, and is also known by its Irish name, Árain Mhór. It has just gone through the biggest advancement in its recent history by becoming the recipient of Ireland’s first offshore digital hub. Its community has written open letters to the people of the US and Australia offering their services on the work front, and also presenting them with the unique opportunity of swapping the hustle and bustle of city life for the calm and beauty of Arranmore.

Ringed by dramatic cliffs, cavernous sea caves, and clean sandy beaches, the island measures just 9km by 5km. Irish is the main language spoken on Arranmore Island, although most residents also speak English. The community says that traditional industries such as farming and fishing are not enough of a draw to keep young people from leaving the island, but that has changed now that high-speed connectivity has been extended to the island’s schools, medical center, and a number of local businesses and community facilities.

The community feels that this makes Arranmore a more attractive place for families and business people to live and work remotely, and reveals that its local talent includes graphic designers, game developers, app developers, photographers, and a host of artisan craftspeople. It is hoping that US citizens looking for a change of pace will consider relocating to live there.

Irish Island Of Arranmore

The island lies 3 miles off Burtonport and can be accessed by ferry boats that run daily all year. There are two larger ferries that can accommodate vehicles up to 128 feet long in addition to foot passengers, as well as a smaller “fast ferry” which can accommodate only foot passengers. Travel time on the larger ferries is around 15-20 minutes, while the fast ferry travels from port to port in about 5 minutes. The two larger ferries are owned by separate companies and as such, if you travel to the island on one boat, you must return to the mainland on the same vessel or you will be charged twice. As of Summer 2009, the current rate per person is €15 and can be paid either at the ticket office in Burtonport or while on the ferry in-transit. However, if you travel to the island during after hours, the price will likely be higher and can cost €50.

If you leave your vehicle behind at the Burtonport pier, parking is limited but free. On a particularly busy day, it is possible that you may be “boxed-in” by other parked cars if they do not leave you enough room, so plan accordingly. While no official security for parked cars is provided, the parking area is within close view of both ferries when they are docked and locals and ferry operators alike will not allow suspicious behavior to go unquestioned.

The trip to the island affords spectacular views, passing a number of small islands before crossing a stretch of open Atlantic water. Donegal International Airport is about 25 minutes by car from the Burtonport pier and there is accessibility provided by private coaches from Galway/Dublin/Belfast.

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“Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes,” it says in its US letter. “You’ll have the best diving in Ireland on your doorstep and seafood to rival the tastiest New England chowder. There are fewer people here than would fit in a couple of Amtrak carriages, but enough musicians and good Irish whiskey to keep the party going well into the night.”

There are 469 people living on Arranmore and 62% are native Irish speakers. During the summer, students of all ages, from all over Ireland travel to the island for a 3-week holiday. It is a very popular way of meeting new people and also learning the Irish language. Students attend school during the day and play games and ceilí dance in the evenings. They are taught about the Irish language through Irish. Irish must be spoken at all times over the 3 week period. The college on Arranmore is known as Coláiste Árainn Mhóir, meaning the ‘College of Arranmore’.

How do you get to Arranmore Island?

Get in. The island lies 3 miles off Burtonport and can be accessed by ferry boats that run daily all year. There are two larger ferries that can accommodate vehicles up to 128 feet long in addition to foot passengers, as well as a smaller “fast ferry” which can accommodate only foot passengers.

Is Arranmore one of the Aran Islands?

Árainn Mhór (English name: Arranmore) is an island off the west coast of County Donegal in Ulster, Ireland. It is also known in English as Arran Island (not to be confused with the Aran Islands off Galway Bay or the Scottish Isle of Arran).

Does Arranmore Island have a hospital?

There is a dedicated health center with GP services three days a week. The island GP is a resident and has practiced on the island for 30 years. … Out of hours emergency services on the island are provided through 999 and facilitated by the RNLI service located at the Arranmore lighthouse.

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