Visiting Sundarban? Know these tricks for safe travelling

Different people have different hobbies. However, a hobby is compatible with almost every human in the world and that is travel. Who does not love to travel? Traveling to different sights and sights of the country is most preferred by the traveling people. Traveling on one side is just like knowing about different things that can be enjoyed just like the natural beauty of the place, which is enough to make your bad mind cool.

Places full of mystery, thrill, and spectacular natural beauty are most suitable for travel. One such place is the Sundarbans of Bangladesh where every year thousands of local and foreign tourists visit. It is better to find Sundarban tour packages and travel Sundarban with their trained and professional guide.  The main attraction of the Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. However, before visiting Sundarbans, there are things you need to be aware of.

  1. A proper plan.
  2. Must carry your office ID card, national identity card.
  3. If you consume medicine regularly, take the medication with you for a longer period of time.
  4. Take along some emergency medical equipment like Dettol, Cotton, Band-Aids, and Orsaline, etc.
  5. Take with the camera, battery, memory card, power bank, flashlight, binoculars, etc. These will be useful in times of danger.
  6. Try to stay as light as you can with as little clothing as possible.
  7. Sundarbans have network problems so inform everyone of the house before going there.
  8. Write your name, address, and mobile number on a paper inside your bag.
  9. If you go with the tour company, always try to stick with everyone and it is better not to be alone.
  10. It is better not to take expensive jewelry.
  11. It is better not to tell anyone how much money you have.
  12. Follow the instructions of the guide. Encourage others to comply.
  13. It is best not to get in touch with an unknown tree.
  14.  Do not smoke in the forest.
  15. It is better not to eat anything from unknown places and do not eat anything from strangers or even drink water.

If you take these precautions, you will definitely enjoy a good vacation and have a safe and sound journey.

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